Minecraft Party with Free Printables

A couple of days ago my little guy turned SIX, and asked to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese…. for the THIRD year in a row! I was O.K. with that, since it’s so much less work than hosting a house-party, and all I had to do was make a cake, send out some invites, and create some goody bags! As a huge perfectionist, I knew those three things would be enough to keep me busy for a while! Braden wanted to invite 12 friends– so I knew if I didn’t keep costs low for each goody bag, it would add up really fast, so I pretty much got everything from the dollar store, besides the candy, which I got from Winco. I searched online, and of course pinterest, for some free minecraft printables, and couldn’t really find much, so my amazingly talented graphic-designing husband whipped these up for me, and they turned out SO cute, I was really excited to share them with you! We were up past midnight creating, printing, cutting and gluing these– after a long day of cake making, so from one parent to another– I hope these free printables will save you a lot of work, time and stress!

goodybags copy
Here’s a few more details that might help…. from the dollar tree I got:
4 pkgs of bubbles (3 per pack) to create the “potion of healing”
4 pkgs of brown gift bags (they didn’t have black or lime green, which may be cooler. Again 3 per pack).
2-3 pkgs of small, round, clear containers (they come in packs of TEN! Score). To create the crafting and red stone
2 pkgs green gems
1 pkg black balloons (15 per pack)
2 pkgs glow sticks (6 per pack)
Then from Winco I got the red rock candy, the gold chocolates, and pretzel sticks from the bulk foods section, and some swedish fish & melon candies because apparently minecraft has fish & melon in it. I know this from pinterest, not from playing the game! In fact, this was the first time I have ever been asked to make a cake and throw a party with a theme I knew absolutely nothing about!
bags2179 copycollage12389 copybag3i2 copy 21bgu copybags1278 copydb23u9 copy

{p.s The printables are being re-formatted and will be up within the next day or two). 
I also thought i’d share my cake idea! My son had requested a “blue Steve from Minecraft” cake, and as I searched all the beautiful professional minecraft cakes online, they looked so complicated and intense, I was pretty intimidated! So I decided to go with a SUPER simple, foolproof design! This cake was actually really fun to make!

Here’s how I did it:
The cake was 2 chocolate cake mixes baked in a 9X13 pan (I told you, keeping it simple!)
I made this chocolate fudge frosting recipe from the cake boss to sandwich my cakes together, and cover them– (which is so creamy and decadent, I love it!) <3
I made a big batch of my marshmallow fondant  and dyed it in all the minecraft colors you see below:
I then covered the cake with white fondant, cut 1cm squares, and stuck them on with corn syrup! Pretty darn simple!

cake318 copycake7 copycake9 copycake3 copycake2 copycake1 copy

His party was a huge hit! The kids loved their goody bags– I thought about all the things my 4 and 6 year old kiddos love: bubbles, balloons, glow sticks, gems, chocolate and candy, so even if the other kids didn’t “get” the minecraft theme, they’d still be happy! And Braden LOVED his Steve cake! I have one happy 6 year old, and I hope you guys are all happy with the printables too! 

Happy party planning, crafting and baking!

<3 Sarah