Peg Doll Christmas Nativities

I know I have a pretty sad excuse for a crafting section on my Blog– I rarely have time to craft these days– but there’s something about Christmas that always inspires me to make things, especially for others. I found this idea for a hand-painted nativity set on pinterest and loved it, and knew my family would too! I thought it was a great idea to send them something special, and hand-made…. until I started to paint SEVEN SETS! That’s 7 Mary’s, 7 Joseph’s, 7 Shepherd’s, 7 Angels, 21 wise men, 21 camels, 21 Sheep, and 7 “donkeys” that don’t really look like Donkeys! {I had to let my perfectionisms go if I was ever going to get this project completed!} My family better feel the love, because I worked on these through tiresome nights, a bad case of Laryngitis, and just general chaos of the busy Christmas season. You know how it is!

Even though these nativities were much more work than I had anticipated, it was actually one of the most FUN projects I have done in a really long time! Okay, it’s one of the ONLY craft projects I have done in a really long time, but I totally forgot how much I love to paint! It was really therapeutic to paint away as I watched REALLY cheesy Christmas movies playing in the background! I am thankful to the girl who originally posted this idea! I based this set on hers, but made it my own! You are welcome to copy this one, or look at the awesome original here.  She gives great advice on where to find the peg dolls, and also some painting tips. I, however, just have one piece of advice: DON’T MAKE SEVEN SETS! Unless you’re crazy like me, then go ahead and make one for all your family– because they will love them!

nat02 copy maryjo1 copyjo1 copy babymary1 copy
angel2 copyshepherdcollage copy wisemen copy wiseman6 copywiseman4 copywiseman1 copy
And just to give you some perspective of this crazy undertaking– that actually took over my whole kitchen table, and my life for a whole week!!…. ns1 copy nativities2 copy nativities1 copyThey they all are!

Happy Crafting you guys, and a very happy Christmas!
<3 Sarah