Scarlett’s Newborn Session

One of my closest friends here in Mattawa just had a sweet baby girl around valentines day, and asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a few pics of her. I haven’t done a photoshoot in a long time, let alone a newborn session… but “giving it up” has made me miss it, and I was excited to not only help a friend out, and photograph her GORGEOUS baby, but to also play around with my new camera, and some brand new PS actions fromĀ florabella.

I was excited about this photoshoot because it was SUPER low-key and casual… but at the same time, the impromptus nature of it made me a tiny bit apprehensive as I showed up at the door with just my camera and a blanket in hand! Thankfully Heather had everything figured out and taken care of… a stack of more gorgeous girly baby blankets, and a couple of to-die-for CUTE outfits that made these photos so stinkin’ cute! Her baby is not only perfect looking–but is also perfectly behaved, and made for the best subject– I was amazed at how calm and sweet and cooperative she was. She was awake and happy for half the shoot, and sleepy and dreamy for the other half, so we were able to capture all kinds of sweetness. Yep, i’m pretty sure i’m going to have to keep going with my photography. It’s sessions like these that make me miss it so much!

Here are a few of my favorite pics:

H17 H18 H20.8H13.5H13.9H21.7H12.4

H2 H7.4 H8.6 H6.1

H4.5H1.5 H9.2H16
Thanks Heather for letting me take pics of sweet Scarlet! It was so much fun!
<3 Sarah