Polar Bear Cupcakes

For some reason Christmas has been really overwhelming and stressful for me this year, and I am not on my game at all! Our Christmas cards never got sent, {or even made!} The christmas gifts I ordered for friends and family still haven’t arrived and will be really late! The awesome christmassy recipes I had in mind never got made or posted, and I haven’t even baked a single thing for my friends and neighbors! It wouldn’t be quite as big of a deal if everyone else around me wasn’t 1000% on their game! Friends and neighbors have come by to deliver desserts and goodies to my family and I, we’ve received tons of beautiful christmas cards, and gifts from family members {early!} I feel the love, but at the same time, I feel totally put to shame!! So today I finally decided, amidst the chaos of trying to find my passport for our trip to Victoria, planning my 8th wedding anniversary, wrapping gifts, tidying my house, doing laundry and school and dance runs, to make some cute christmassy cupcakes for my friends and neighbors! As a perfectionist, I die a little inside every time I have to do something sub-par because I spread myself so thinly, which is why I came up with the FASTEST, EASIEST, cupcakes I could think of, that would turn out super cute with next to no effort! I got out my boxed cake mix, and frosting from a container! GASP! {I know, feel free to totally judge me here, I am even judging myself!} And had a lot of fun making these cute cupcakes for my friends and neighbors in return for their kindness! YES! One thing checked off my list, and only six days to go! :-/ {Sometimes I just wish I could be a man at christmas}. Here’s how for all you crazy-busy, last-minute mommas-like-me, out there!

Ingredients: {makes 12}
boxed cake mix
1 container of vanilla frosting
sweetened coconut flakes
white fondant/white donut holes
Wilton “eyes”
heart sprinkles {red/pink}
12 chocolate covered peanuts
24 white gummies

Bake the cupcakes according to the box directions {except instead of making 24 small ones, fill the batter almost to the top of the muffin tin to make 12 large ones}. Leave them to cool completely.

Roll the fondant into 12 small ball shapes, or use donut holes, and use a little frosting to stick the ball in the middle of your cupcake. Frost the cupcake all over, covering up the ball, then cover completely with coconut flakes. Stick a chocolate peanut on top of the ball for the nose.

Then two eyes either side, and 2 gum drops for the ears. The tongues are heart shapes… I cut the pointed corner to make a rounded shape, and stuck it on just under the nose! bears1DSC02727DSC02741

Merry Christmas, and happy resting to you Mums when it’s all over! ;-)

<3 Sarah