Lamb Tepanade Grilled Cheese

The other day I made a delicious Stuffed Tepanade Roast Lamb, and had a LOT left over, so I decided to make a tepanade lamb grilled cheese! It was SO heavenly I decided to post up the recipe– even if I do feel silly for giving directions for something SO simple, it’s always good to get ideas for creative left-overs. I love the feeling of whipping up something so “fancy” and delicious within a couple of minutes!

Ingredients: {for one}
left over lamb, sliced
2 slices of bread
Mozzarella cheese

Butter a slice of bread, then turn it face down, and spread a thick layer of tepanade on the other side. Layer slices of lamb and plenty of freshly grated mozzarella on top, then place another slice of bread on top, and butter the outside of it. Heat a grill pan over medium heat, and cook for around 4-5 minutes per side, until the bread is nice and golden, and the cheese has melted.

l3lammy2 lammy01 l9& Enjoy!
<3 Sarah xoxo