Christmas Wreath “Peace” Cupcakes

Tomorrow my son is having a fun pre-school christmas pajama party, so I signed up to bring some cute christmas cupcakes. My son {and most kids} LOVE jelly beans, so I thought I would make a jelly bean christmas wreath with some edible glitter, and a “P” for peace. They were SO EASY and fun to make that I thought I would pass on a quick how-to! I hope you like them!

1 boxed cake mix
cupcake liners
chocolate frosting
green jelly beans
red hots/mini red m&m’s
silver edible glitter
Red gel pen

Directions: Make the cupcakes according to the boxed directions. Leave to cool completely before decorating.
Decorating one cupcake at a time, so the candy sticks and stays in place, frost the cupcake with a layer of your favorite chocolate frosting. Place the green jelly beans around the cupcake leaving sporadic gaps. Fill the gaps with the red hots or mini red m&m’s, laying some flat, and some on their side. Sprinkle the middle of the cupcake with silver edible glitter, and pipe a red letter P in the middle.

peace03 peace002peace02 peace2 peace01
<3 Sarah