Oreo Truffle Figgy Puddings

Last week was kind of a crazy week, which might account for why I have fallen off the planet lately! We had 5 christmas parties to attend in 4 days, then my daughter Gemma and I went to see the nut-cracker ballet together on our first mummy-daughter date over the weekend. I have been having a blast, but amidst the constant chaos of running around, a part of me just wanted to snuggle up under a blanket with some hot chocolate and watch Elf! {Probably a sign that I am getting older… I turn the big 3.0 in a couple of weeks! So just a heads up, I might just fall off the planet again!} For one christmas party I was assigned to bring something yummy! I love excuses to bake, and since my mother in law gave me the biggest box of Oreos you have ever seen in your life, the other day, I thought I would make some delicious Oreo truffles! I made them a little more “fancy” by putting a raspberry inside, and covered them in even more chocolate on the outside– chocolate on chocolate is my kinda dessert! I decorated them like cute little figgy puddings, so they were the perfect thing to take to a christmas party! But they’d also be the perfect thing to snack on whilst snuggled up watching cheesy christmas movies too! So whatever the occasion, I hope you enjoy!

Ingredients: {recipe adapted from cooking classy}
1 punnet of raspberries
39 {original} Oreos
1 (8 oz) pkg cream cheese, softened
16 oz. milk chocolate almond bark or candy melts
green and white fondant & red sprinkles for decorating

Line a baking tray with parchment paper, set aside.

Place 36 Oreos in a food processor and pulse until finely crushed. Add the cream cheese in 3 or 4 increments, and mix until solidified, like a light ball of dough. Using a 1″ cookie scoop, form into 1 inch balls, and place onto the prepared baking tray. With your thumb, create a hole in the center of each ball, and place a raspberry inside. Re-seal the oreo mixture around the raspberry, then place in the freezer for 10 minutes while you melt the chocolate.

Melt the chocolate over a double broiler. Remove the truffles from the freezer and dip them in the melted chocolate to evenly coat, allowing any excess to run off.

To decorate: cut circles of white fondant, green leaves, and red sprinkles for the berries.

cakwe211 wqhkuchoc1djiql536 Merry Christmas! At least it will be if you get to eat a batch of these!!
<3 Sarah