July 4th Weekend

Every year my husband’s family go all out to celebrate America’s independence {from us English} which you can imagine, is kind of an awkward holiday for me! :-/ Haha. They like to tease me {a LOT} with the same jokes year after year about how they kicked our butts in the war!! But I have been living here for 10 years now and even though i’m not an American citizen, I still love this country, and can appreciate all it has given me: my degree, my religion, my amazing husband & beautiful children, as well as some of my very best friends and awesome inlaws. I miss England like crazy, but I know how blessed I am to live here so I like to celebrate July 4th too! I even wore red, white and blue this year along with my American husband & kids (which also happen to be the exact same colors of the Union Jack!) ;-)


I didn’t count, but i’m pretty sure the Christensens had over 100 people at their house for Independence day this thursday, and everyone had an absolute “blast!” No pun intended {there was a lot of shooting going on!} My friend Jennifer from BYU came to visit with her new husband, Luke, who was as fanatical about guns as my husband and his family, so they became instant friends.
Dean {and his whole family} have trained a lot with front sight in Las Vegas, so they like to teach people how to shoot. Here’s Dean teaching my friend Jen, who did awesome! {Hit all her targets}. SONY DSC
Her husband, Luke did awesome too: SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC

The next day, all the guys competed in a “top shot” competition, the prize was a new handgun! The first round was clay pigeon shooting with shot guns, the second round was a timed pistol course, the third round was handgun accuracy, the fourth round was an AR-15 duel at 75 yards, then there was an AR-15 tannorite race, and the final was a 1 shot at a scored target at 100 yards with a 308 sniper rifle. My husband and his friend Bryan were in the finale together–and tied. Then the second shot, Bryan won by a tiny margin!

Usually July 4th is a pretty male-dominated holiday around here, as it revolves around shooting guns, blowing things up with cannons, and tannerite, but this year there were tons of fun things for us girls to do too! My sister in law Morgan was up visiting from Utah, and her sister came to stay too from Reno. My other sister in law Kristen was visiting from tricities, and my sister in law Jessica was here visiting from Idaho.
We spent the evening Karaoke-ing! {Although it was too dark to take pictures} here are a couple of pics from the next day which we also spent karaoke-ing! {We were using our phones for lyrics}. The screen was set up to watch an outdoor movie, and to play kinect dance games when it got dark! More girl fun!!! I have awesome sister in laws. On the left is my husbands cousin Danna who was visiting from Yakima, and her baby Graham, then right is my sis in law Morgan with her sister Janessa. 
My sis in law Jessica and I could karaoke all day long! Haha.
SONY DSC Gemma did pretty good too!
There were also TONS of things for the kids to do {of course!!} and they had SO much fun!! They spent the day swimming, jumping around on Grandma’s new bouncy house, eating cotton candy, and just lots of candy in general! Playing at the park, and camping in Grandma’s backyard!! July 4th isn’t just a 1-day celebration around here! We partied all weekend long!

Braden jumping off the diving board for the 1st time: SONY DSC
My daughter Gemma (2) was hiding an ice pack under her dress! Genius!
SONY DSC Braden with his cousin Delson:
SONY DSCBraden & Gemma walking Uncle Dallons dog, Corky, together
All the kids in the bouncy house: Braden decided to run down the slide, fell and sprained his wrist really bad. Then the next day, he did the exact same thing, and hurt the exact same wrist again!! :-(
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCHere are some other misc. pics: July 4th cupcakes I made
SONY DSCSONY DSCMy bro and sis in law Al and Kristen with their kids Delson, Kambria & Kalenn:
SONY DSCMy bro & sis in law Damon and Jessica with their baby Daxtin:
SONY DSCMe & my good friend, Jen!
SONY DSCMy father in law & the guys Setting up for a HUGE fireworks display. {Guests said it was the best fireworks show they had ever seen!} I should have taken some pictures, but I was having too much fun watching them instead!
SONY DSCThanks so much to my amazing inlaws for the fireworks show, and an incredible 4th July weekend! Everyone had such a blast, and for the first time in 10 years, I actually did’t get made fun of at all! Haha. I hope you all had a happy 4th July too!
<3 Sarah xoxo