Easter Sunday

This is my first ever Blog post in my new category “Mattawa Life” which is all about raising our little family in this small American farm town in the middle of nowhere! I don’t usually add many personal details in my Blog posts, because my husband and I are really private people– but I know one day I will regret not keeping a log of all of our adventures, big news & changes, and just day to day life as we presently know it, so here goes!

Yesterday was “Easters.” We were going to spend it with my husbands family until some of us got sick, so sadly our plans got postponed to a later date.

In the morning we went to church. I don’t usually talk much about my religion or beliefs online, because i’m pretty reserved publicly–but there’s just something so special about Easter Sunday and I really felt the love that my savior has for me. I honestly don’t know where my life would be if I wasn’t a member of the LDS {mormon} church which I believe to be true with all my heart. I love Jesus Christ, i’m so thankful for the perfect life that he led to prepare the way and set an example for me, i’m thankful for his atonement, so I never have to live with all the stupid mistakes that I make–and I can just feel peace and happiness in my life, and i’m thankful that I get to be with my amazing family FOREVER in heaven. To me, I have a rich, beautiful, fulfilling life ALL because my savior made it possible… so I love Easter, and the chance I get to celebrate his life & resurrection.

I also love Easter because it’s a fun holiday and gives me the excuse to consume more chocolate than usual! Growing up in England it’s traditional to give big chocolate easter eggs with chocolate inside them, or with chocolate bars… but in America it’s traditional to give Easter baskets, full of candy and toys… so it’s kind of fun to do a new tradition for my kiddos. We also hid eggs around our house in the morning with candy inside… my 4 year old son was WAY faster than my poor 2 year old daughter {who didn’t really stand a chance} so next year we’ll have to wise up on that!

After church and after naps {for the kids and US!} ;-) We took the kids to one of my favorite beautiful spots in Mattawa–down by the yakima river where it’s so peaceful and secluded, to have a little picnic just us, and another easter egg hunt with all the brightly colored eggs they painted the day before. At first it was pretty crazy…. Braden was too fast and would grab all the eggs that Gemma was trying to get… and there were tears! Then Dean took Gemma off in the direction that he hid them to help her find all of hers, and Braden ran off in the other direction and had found all of his within a few short minutes!

Then we had our little picnic. We had a big lunch of braised lamb with creamy polenta right after church, so we weren’t very hungry. I just brought the sugar cookies I decorated, some crackers and chips and pop. All the healthy good stuff! ;-) The kids LOVED it.

Gemma got really messy: orange cheetos and mud mixed with yellow icing all over her face…. but I was the one to get my face wiped clean. Yuk! That really isn’t fun!   Then Braden had an awesome idea: to give Mummy and Daddy an Easter Egg hunt! So off they went to hide them for us together!

They did a great job at hiding the eggs! Hehe: 

I found more than Dean! Haha. 

Here’s one of my fave pics from the day: Daddy with his girl. 

And me with my adorable, funny kiddos!

Then we re-hid the eggs for a THIRD time, and used just one basket, because the other one broke, and it was amazing how much happier they were. Braden would find most of them, then point them out to gemma who’d come running, and put them in the basket. Braden was just excited to spot them for her, Gemma was excited to put them in the basket, all of a sudden they were best friends–it was the type of moment that mothers melt over! I have such sweet kiddos!

Then we went by the river to throw some rocks in the water. Haha… not “pebbles” but rocks:

Here are some other pics I <3
Braden discovered hill rolling for the first time:

and got trapped in some branches… I have NO idea how he managed that, but it made for a cool picture! (And he had no troubles finding his way out) 
Dean’s reading his book standing up because apparently there were some spiders on the blanket….. 

One more sweet Daddy-daugher pic, ready to go home. 

We stopped by Grandma & Grandpas on the way and played at the park until the sun went down. Those kids were pretty darn tired: all that running around, plus one major sugar crash!

Such a fun Easter; and we’re also excited to celebrate another one with my husbands whole family really soon!
<3 Sarah