Easter Chick & Mini Bunny Cookies

I know Easter has already passed and i’m totally not on the ball — {as usual} but I thought i’d post up these cute Bunny & Chick Easter cookies I made over the weekend. I gave some away to my 11 year old primary girls at church and they LOVED them! Then we took some on our little family picnic where we had an Easter egg hunt down by the river. It was such a beautiful day–but I will post more about later, because I am adding a NEW TAB, under “Mattawa Life!” I know, it’s about time, and i’m pretty excited about it! So, just because I have even more posts to make than usual–i’m going to keep this one short and sweet, and cheat by sending a link to this recipe! LionHouse Sugar Cookie Recipe & Royal Icing Decorating Tutorial (They’re the same cookies I made on Valentines day, I just decorated them differently!)

As far as the decorating goes, I just used mike & Ikes for the bunnies’ ears and silver sprinkles for their tails, as you can see. It’s been kind of a CRAZY, hectic weekend, so I needed to keep these cookies as absolutely SIMPLE as I possibly could– and I think they turned out pretty darn cute considering they take minimal time and effort! I just wish I would have posted them further in advance in case someone out there wanted to have a go at making some too! But I guess there’s always next Easter–{Ha! I’m just posting them really EARLY! See, i’m actually, totally on the ball!} :-/ Anyway, enough lame jokes… I have already been pulling enough lame pranks on my kids this morning for April Fools… i’m just going to show you a few pics and be on my way so I can make some more posts… and plot a great prank for my husband too! Muahaha.

I hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic Easter, and that you have some fun pranks in mind for today as well! 😉
<3 Sarah