My Portraits

This weekend my friend Misty and I went out on a little photoshoot to take some professional portraits for each other. Misty is such a talented photographer and did such a great job, I thought i’d share some of the portrait photos she did for me–even though I feel kind of ridiculous being the “subject!” I had a lot of fun editing them in radlab. I know some photographers out there look down on editing–because they believe a perfect picture should come right out of the camera– but for me, transforming a photograph and making it beautiful and artistic is just as fun as the photography itself. It was also kind of fun editing photos for myself, because I know what I like! Haha. Sometimes it’s guess work knowing if the client will like bright colors, black and whites, sepias and antique tones or vintage– but for me I like a little mixture. Now i’m going to have a really hard time selecting just one of these as my MM profile pic, and choosing one for my new photography site… so if any of you have suggestions, they’d be more than welcome! Thanks again Misty for taking these, you are a pro, and it was so much fun!

<3 Sarah