Misty’s Photographer Portraits

This saturday I was all dressed up with no where to go, and nothing to do–so I decided to call my friend Misty to see if she wanted to go on a photo-shoot with me. In the next few months I want to put together a photography site, with the help of my web-designing hubby, so I kinda needed some decent portrait photos. This idea was SO out of the blue and last minute, but it was perfect because not only did we both need portrait photos for our photography sites, but we had an absolute BLAST taking them!

We started out by my house in a grove of trees (which was a LOT prettier in the summer when it was green!) and on the way we saw a coyote on the side of the road just chowing down on a cow. Misty was all: “Ah, that’s no big deal. Once I saw a cow being born with two heads!” I mean, she’s a straight up country girl, and was completely un-phased! Along with this she also carries a gun and rides a Harley but is STILL so girly, and has some of the prettiest eyes and most gorgeous hair e-ver.

We headed down to the water where I tried to tackle slippery stones and stilettos… which was just a bad combo! And there we found a cool tree and field of long grass which made for some beautiful photos! I mean, Mattawa really is an ideal place for photography, so we’re both really lucky to have an automatic advantage out here in the country.¬†We ended up in the “canyon” where I made her hike up to the top to see what was up there. On the way up Misty just starts taking photos of something on the ground…and she found a beautiful flower bud with its leaves making a natural, perfect heart-shape. (She has such an eye for photography!) Then as we were taking photos up there we were being honked by trucker after trucker! We had lots of laughs, and saw lots of beautiful things… and just enjoyed the gorgeous Mattawa whether and talking camera-stuff! I’m so excited to have a friend here that’s as passionate about photography as I am!

A part of me thought: “it’s kind of strange that we’re taking pictures to help out our “competition” but really it’s just like hairdressers cutting each other’s hair! It just worked out that we both needed portrait pics…and i’m sure it won’t end there since we’ll both need help with weddings, or family pics, etc down the road! She’s such a talented photographer and I love all of the portrait pics she did for me… but what I was also impressed with was how natural she was in FRONT of the camera! There is a reason I like being behind it¬†because i’m pretty much just traight-up awkward, but she took perfect pictures every time!! I must admit though, being in front of the camera really did give me a renewed perspective of how my “clients” feel, and how I need to help them, because I had no idea how to smile, or sit, or what the heck to do with my hands! So this experience definitely helped me be a better photographer–and i’m so excited that we got some beautiful portraits out of it too!

SEE?? She is such a beauty, and SO stinkin’ photogenic, it’s unfair! ;-) Thanks for the mini-adventure and all the beautiful pics Misty! You are AWESOME!! Can’t wait to do this again soon!

<3 Sarah