D.I.Y Easter Napkins

The other day my amazing husband brought me a new silhouette cameo as a late English mothers day/early American mothers day present! I am absolutely in love with this new machine… it cuts and prints everything, so there’s just endless possibilities of things you can make with it. I decided to start off with a really small, simple project: D.I.Y Easter Napkins. I didn’t want to buy tons of fabric paint, so I did a little research and found out that if you combine fabric medium with acrylic paint, and iron it, the heat will seal it and make it permanent! I was so excited about this, because I have TONS of paint! So all I needed to buy were some plain white napkins and the fabric medium and I was good to go! I printed some silhouette bunny shapes on vinyl, stuck them onto the white t-towel, mixed up the paint and fabric medium, then just sponged the paint on top!

I think they turned out so cute!
I also used “fabric fusion” to attach the gemstones onto the fabric  I also painted a couple of green ones because I wanted to theme my Easter table pink and green this year. I didn’t use my silhouette for these ones: I printed a bunny shape onto some card stock, cut it out, then just held it in place as I applied the paint. The edges weren’t as slick, but it still turned out pretty cute!

Happy Easter!
<3 Sarah