Cheap D.I.Y Easter Table

This week I planned to buy a really cute centerpiece and some pretty pastel plates and chargers for my Easter table, but I ran out of time to go to all the stores I needed to, and just decided to get a little creative with some things I already had at home. I have mentioned in my last few posts that I have been redecorating and re-purposing a lot this week, so I pulled some vases, flowers and candlesticks from my office, and put out some chicks and eggs I had from last year to decorate my Easter table. I thought I would post a few ideas in case anyone else out there wants to decorate a cute Easter table in a super inexpensive, SUPER simple way this year.

I painted the inside of some clear, glass vases I had sitting in my cupboard, with green acrylic paint, then put some flowers in them (which I actually took from my bedroom). The candlesticks were originally a deep red, and didn’t match any of my decor, so I just painted them with the same green acrylic paint. I also got the eggs last year for Easter, but they were moss green and didn’t match anything, so I quickly spray painted them gold. I also painted plain white napkins with bunny shapes, and added the chicks and speckled eggs! I’m kind of glad I didn’t have time to buy a boring centerpiece, because this is a lot more creative, cuter and cheaper too! Total price: $12 for the napkins. That’s pretty much all I purchased this year! Sweet.

My 4 year old son woke up from his nap and said: “wow Mum. The table looks beautiful. You have really outdone yourself!” It was the sweetest compliment in the world coming from him; {my little guy who’s 4 going on 14~!} He also asked me how he got out of my tummy today. I was caught TOTALLY off-guard, thinking questions like these wouldn’t come around for at least another 4 years. He said: “how did I come out of your tummy? Did the doctor open your tummy and pull me out?” So I told him “no darling. They didn’t.” Thinking he’d just drop it. Then you can see him really thinking: “then how Mummy?” The first thing I could think of was “magic.” We had a little giggle, then he said: “No seriously. How Mum?” And kept asking me until I just said: “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask Daddy when he comes home!” Haha. He is awesome!

I hope you all have some fun plans to decorate and have a nice meal with your families/little ones this Easter too! I plan to have a lot of fun with my sweet little kiddos painting easter eggs, and going on an easter egg hunt, because they’re growing up WAY too fast and won’t love these things forever. P.S. I took my little girl to the mall in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and she went and sat on the Easter bunny’s lap for like 10 minutes, and just kept petting him! Then my Mum told me she is volunteering to be the Easter Bunny at a national heritage site this Easter, so I can only imagine the fun she’d have if she were there!

Happy Easter! <3 Sarah