Braden’s Transport-Themed Bedroom

This week I finally finished my sons bedroom!

I had kind of a hard time deciding on a theme for him because he loves so many different things! He’s pretty obsessed with tractor’s and since my husband’s family are farmers and we’re always surrounded by them here in Mattawa, I thought that would be a cool theme to go with. He also loves airplanes though, and since his Daddy is just a test away from getting his pilot’s license, I thought that would be a pretty sweet theme too! Then there’s motorbikes… another little obsession of his! His Daddy, Grandpa, and all his uncles are pretty avid Harley riders, so I knew he’d love a motorbike room too, so I had a hard time choosing just one thing. So basically, I ended up with an agglomeration of all the things he loves: ANYTHING WITH WHEELS! Planes, trains, trucks, cars, tractors, motorbikes…just transport in general.

I decorated his room on a really tight budget–which of course meant lots of D.I.Y projects! I saw the paintings {above his bed} on  for $49.99 each–so I decided to paint them myself, and frame them for $5 each. I love getting crafty (and saving $180!). I also did the photoshoot of Braden on his favorite little green tractor this summer, and got some bright frames from Ikea to make him a wall collage to fit the theme of his room, and spray painted some wooden letters to make them look metallic. I think I ended up picking the right theme because all of his toys were transportation-related, so instead of buying decor, I just displayed his toys to try and make his room fun and exciting for him.

So here are a few pictures of his transport-themed room, which he absolutely loves! I hope it gives someone out there some inspiration for decorating a bedroom for their little guy! I don’t have any “before and afters” but last week I had his room set up like this:

All of the toys were placed together, making the back wall look super busy, and the chair was along the other wall, making it look super bare:

So I switched the toy organizer and chair and moved the slide, and felt as if he had a whole new room! After:

A little ode to England thrown in there! 😉

Of course 

January always makes me want to re-organize and re-decorate my entire house for some strange reason! So along with decorating Braden’s room, i’m finally in the process of doing mine! I’m going to paint the walls this week, and make a HUGE canvas art-piece for it, so I can’t wait to share some before and afters of that really soon! I hope you liked these photos! Thanks for reading, and please be sure to check back again soon!

<3 Sarah