D.I.Y Christmas Trees

The other day I saw a post on pinterest on how to turn old cereal boxes into some cute christmas decor, and was all over it! This is such a fabulous idea! You make cone shapes out of the card and decorate them to look like christmas trees. I was kind of bored of my centerpiece from last year, so I thought I would make a little arrangement for the runner on my dining room table. I asked a few of my friends here in Mattawa if they wanted to get together for a craft night, and realized we hadn’t done one since valentines day, so it was long over-due! We had so much fun decorating, chatting, eating cookies… burning ourselves with hot glue guns! For the most part, these were super quick and simple to make, so I thought i’d share a few ideas in case you’d like to make some too.

First up, I decided to give the trees a color theme: gold, red, sage green and white (pretty traditional). Then I went around my house and looked for things in those colors that I didn’t really need. For example, a bag of dried green peas! Some white tulle and ribbon that was left over from my daughter’s hairband organizer project. Some gold fabric from the tree skirt I made last year, some twine I had in my kitchen (for cooking!) You get the picture. If you’re creative and crafty you could pretty much make all of these cute christmas tree decorations for FREE! But i’m not that good… so I also raided Michael’s with my sister in law, and we found some pretty cute stuff there as well.

I love how versatile this project is… you can put whatever the heck you want on your trees! I’m not going to give a “tutorial” on how to make them because there are so many out there, but if you have any questions–just feel free to ask. I just wanted to post a few ideas up in case it inspires someone, because this really is a FUN, cheap, and super cute way to decorate your home for christmas!

HAPPY CRAFTING, and as we say in England, HAPPY CHRISTMAS too! I have been busy working on a couple more christmas craft projects, so please check back, because I cannot wait to share them!
<3 Sarah