“Keep it together” organizer

My days studying as a student at Brigham Young University kind of turned me into a list-a-holic. It’s how I would thrive and stay productive during my studies, and the habit has just kind of carried over to my life as a stay at home mum. The first thing I do in the morning is make my daily to-do list. I also have lists for projects, Blog posts, groceries, shopping, menus and other things, so I decided I needed a way to just “keep it all together.” (My lists, and my sanity!)

I came up with this hallway organizer. I know there are tons floating around on pinterest, but I wanted to make one that works best for me. I have four different sections according to what I use most often. The white board section is where I write my daily to do list–and I just wipe away each job as I complete it! (There’s just something about crossing items off a list that makes me feel so productive! I’m not sure why). I have a blackboard where I write my weekly menu. I know that sounds crazy… but I plan a week’s worth of dinners and buy all the ingredients for them at the store, and then I actually forget what I was going to make! So it helps to have it up by my kitchen. My calendar is also on a white board, so I can erase it and fill other things in, and change it according to the month… although I do have a planner where I write a lot too. Then the last section is a magnet board where I have a magnet on a pad of paper to write shopping items I need as I go. I run out of milk, I write it down then and there, then I take that list to the store. So quick and easy! I also use the magnet board for announcements and photos and coupons. The last detail is the little shelf I found at ikea for like $5, where I put the chalk and pens, etc.

P.S. I know my board is looking sadly empty, but I just put it up and wrote a couple of things on it as an example/start.

Before I made this organizer, I usually wrote lists on paper and stuck them on my fridge with magnets! My husband, who’s extremely technical and proficient, would make fun of me just a little bit, so at least now I have a system that’s a little bit cuter, and more efficient! He seems to like it better anyway, because he writes sweet messages for me on it, like “beast!” Haha!

If you want to know how to make one of these boards just let me know, and i’ll write up some instructions for you. It took MINUTES to make and hang. I’m not even kidding. Usually I hand DIY projects over to the hubby, but I used wall tape and eyeballed it, and it turned out great–it’s super sturdy to write on, and now I finally feel as if I have it “all together.” Well, I have two toddlers… so not completely! But it helps.

Hope you like it,
<3 Sarah