Jenaes Horse Photoshoot

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of taking Jenae’s senior photos, and recently I was asked if I would go to her home town in Benton City (WA) to take some more photos of her with her horse. I was SO excited to do this photoshoot–not only because Jenae and her mother Debbie are both DREAM clients, but because I knew a beautiful girl on a beautiful horse wearing a gorgeous dress would make for some pretty awesome photos. The country scenery and everything was perfect….we just ran into one small problem along the way–it wouldn’t stop raining!

Her hair was getting ruined and my camera was getting wet and wouldn’t focus right, it was cold, and the shoot was just NOT working out, but just as we were ready to give up and postpone until a later date, the rain finally died down, and a bright, clear rainbow curved across the starkest blue sky and gave my pictures the extra WOW factor they needed. Now I had the perfect model, the perfect setting, and the perfect weather!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our shoot:

Benton City was a GORGEOUS place to take photos… country roads that never ended, fields of soft hay, a beautiful river with a cute wooden foot-bridge! I’m so i’m so grateful to my “clients” for showing me around their home! But mostly, i’m just glad we stuck through the bad weather to get these beautiful photos! I feel so lucky to have been able to take TWO photoshoots for Jenae with her mum… you guys really are the best clients ever, and it was so nice getting to know you!

Love, Sarah