Janet & Nick Wedding Photoshoot

About a month or so ago Janet asked me if I would do a wedding photoshoot for her and Nick before the actual day of their wedding. I LOVED this idea because it meant absolutely NO pressure… and considering this was only my second ever wedding (and the very first one I have covered all by myself) that’s exactly what I needed. I got to choose the time of day and have some control over the lighting, and we also had a little control over the weather too, but mostly I liked that we had time to concentrate on the bride and groom without all the other guests hurrying around and the pressure of time.

Half of the shots were done outside of the beautiful Columbia River Temple in Kennewick, WA–it was really peaceful having no one else around the grounds on that evening (on weekends there are always multiple weddings going on). Then we went to a local park and took some photos by the boat launch, which was really fun, and I think they turned out super cute. So here are some of my favorites, which I am excited to finally share:

This photoshoot was so much fun, and they were both so photogenic and co-operative! I have the best clients!! I thought doing a photoshoot before the wedding was a little “different” and untraditional… but they will have beautiful photos to decorate their reception hall with and they also had “thank you” shots done for gifts and everything figured out. Genius!! Now they can just get on and enjoy their big day without spending half of it posing for a camera. (This should be made a new tradition). Even if it is just to take the pressure off new photographers like me! 😉 Next up I will post some of their actual wedding day (which was GORGEOUS!)

Until then,
<3 Sarah