Melissa & Andy’s Family Photoshoot

This weekend I had the opportunity to take some photos for a gorgeous little family from tricities that are friends with my husband’s cousin. There’s something really fun about taking pictures of a young family, not only because they’re an attractive couple with super cute kiddos, but because I have a young family myself so I feel I can get on their level really easily. They have a boy and a girl like I do around the same age, so I understand that their attention span is going to be short, and they’re not just going to sit still, smile and say cheese for the camera! What I wanted to do was just capture this little family having fun and being themselves, and I was fortunate enough to capture some REALLY sweet moments, making these some of the best photos I think i’ve ever taken. Melissa and I had a really hard time sitting down and selecting the best ones for editing–but here are just a few of my favorites:

These guys were not only a beautiful little family, but a fun family too–and I think it shows through on their photos! We got some cute posed ones, but my favorites were those moments when they were just naturally walking along happy, or playing together!

Thanks so much for being the perfect clients guys! It’s people like you that make my job so awesome!! Hope you love your pics!

<3 Sarah