Family Photo Craziness!

I have wanted to do family photos for a REALLY long time now, I just haven’t been able to get my act together. At first I wanted to find the right outfits, and lose a few pounds…. silly reasons! Then we just got really busy with trips and work. Then we had a night free, scheduled it, and my kiddos got sick–so it has just been a little trickier than I thought to get it done.

Then a couple of weeks ago I wrote down “FAMILY PHOTOS” in my planner for this friday, and was determined to just get them done no matter what because I realized there would never be a perfect time! No more excuses, re-scheduling and procrastinating! But what I didn’t know at the time was that I was actually picking the worst date of all!

The day before we took these I got into my first ever car crash. I was T-boned at an intersection as I was driving on my way to a photography class in Tricities. Both cars were towed away and un-drivable, (and I think they’ll both be totaled) but luckily the other driver and I were both fine! (At least physically) and i’m SO relieved my kiddos weren’t in the car! On friday morning I was a bit of an emotional wreck, but I was determined to get these photos done as planned so I just pulled myself together.

My sister in law came over and spent a whole hour doing my hair, and it looked SO cute! {She also pulled out my first couple of grey’s that the accident probably gave me!} 🙁 I ironed all the outfits, got myself ready, laid out my husbands outfit, got my kids ready…

Then my husband called and said he couldn’t make it because he had a crazy deadline at work. He was working on some moisture monitoring reports and if they weren’t completed and sent out that night, it would cost the company a LOT of money… so obviously it was important enough to cancel our session. Bummer!

But then he called back and said he was making good time and we could steal him away for 20 minutes! So that’s exactly what we did. I originally wanted to go up the canyon, but instead we went right down the road from where he worked. There was a cool bridge with some rocks and a field, so I thought that would be perfect!

And then the wind picked up…. really really strong! My friend Gigi, who was taking the pictures for us said: “let’s just do this another day! It’s way too windy” and her and my husband started putting the kiddos back in the car, but I said: “NO! Let’s just work with it, and get whatever shots we can.” At this point I didn’t really care if they weren’t picture perfect, I just wanted to get them done.

So, despite me being an emotional wreck from my car crash, my super cute shoes and jeans being in my car at the tow facility, my husband in the middle of a really important work deadline, some gale force mattawa winds, and two toddlers who wanted to do anything but look at the camera, we managed to get some pretty good family photos!

We don’t have that perfect family portrait where everyone’s looking up and smiling…. but we do have a few good pictures that have a couple of interesting stories behind them, and i’m totally happy with that. I’m just glad they’re done for another year.


On thursday I had an assignment for my photography class (that I never did make it back to) to practice manual mode… so I dressed my kiddos up, and we headed up the Canyon where we actually got some really beautiful shots! So i’m glad we did that before things got crazy!

Being in that car accident (even though it could have been a WHOLE lot worse) really helped me put things into perspective. My little family are my world! And I seriously don’t know what I would do without my amazing husband who was my knight in shining armor this week! I’m so blessed to have my amazing little family!

<3 Sarah