Bradens Photoshoot

I am in the middle of re-doing my sons bedroom, which should be finished this week! I just needed a few photos to frame for his wall, so I thought i’d post a few of my favorite pictures from our shoots. I wanted a cohesive theme, but I just couldn’t decide! He LOVES tractors–he’ll tell you everything about them if you ask, it’s amazing! He’s also obsessed with airplanes since his Daddy is getting his pilots license in the next week or two–{he asks him everyday when they can go fly together! It’s cute!} He also loves Harleys–because Grandpa is a big Harley rider, and his Dad and uncles all own one. So I thought I would take some pictures of him by some of his favorite things! The play tractor he’s always “working” on! The plane his Daddy is learning to fly right now, and the bike his Uncle just happened to have nicely polished up for us! So here are some of my fave’s: he is SUCH a cutie!!!!! I love my darling little “subject!”

It’s really fun taking pictures of him, because I know what makes him laugh… so instead of telling him: “smile, look this way and say cheese” I can really capture him having fun, laughing and just being the cheeky little chap he is! Plus, he was having a blast on all his favorite things!!

I’m so excited to post his bedroom next! It has taken me way too long to finish it, but I think it has come together so cute!
Until then,
<3 Sarah