Sabin Family Photos

Last week before I left for Hong Kong, I somehow managed to squeeze in two photoshoots–my first big-group family shoot the night before, and my first ever wedding, the day we left! It was a crazy time. Actually, my whole life is just crazy lately, but I can’t complain because I bring it completely upon myself! (I have to stay busy out here in the middle of nowhere, or I go nuts!)

Anyway, I was really glad I got the chance to squeeze these photos in! It was really fun being in the Sabin household as they were getting themselves and all the kiddos ready for the photoshoot because it reminded me so much of ‘home!’ I come from a family of nine people, and we were always surrounded by close friends–so our home was always so warm, and bustling full of people we loved! This house was the same… I could tell how much they all loved each other, and how close they all were, just from all the laughing and teasing and messing around.

Jared, the youngest brother is just about to serve a mission for 2 years away from his family, so I wanted to make sure I captured, not just a beautiful family portrait, (since they won’t all be together again for 2 years), but also some fun, happy memories for him and his family too! Hopefully he can use these pictures to show off his awesome home and family to the new friends he makes on his mission, and hopefully his mum will love and cherish them too! Since that’s the most important thing of course!

So here are a few of my favorite shots! Despite the wind picking up right at the wrong time, and trying to get 10 small kids to stand still, look, and smile at the camera at the same time, I think this was one of the easiest photoshoots I have ever done, because they’re all so stinkin’ beautiful and photogenic!

See! How fun does this family look?! Thanks for letting me be a part of it guys!
<3 Sarah