Kalenn’s Little Pumpkin Photoshoot

My sister in law just had a new baby, and she is perfect in every single way! I’m not just saying this as a biased aunty… she really IS! She kind of made me want to have another baby myself… but then I realized I didn’t need to, because I can just cuddle this one!

I was the one to ask HER if I could take some pictures, because I kind of need the practice photographing newborns… they’re so stinkin’ cute, but they’re SO tricky because they don’t like to be cold or put down, and so getting bare babies to lie sleeping in places they don’t want to be is tough! But, I think we got some pretty cute shots!

My sister in law picked out the CUTEST outfits for her: a little pumpkin hat, which was SO perfect for fall, and some frilly knickers and butterfly wings, for some pictures on her bed. ¬†Those were my fave’s! I love my new little niece!

I had to include this one… ha! This will be her Dad’s favorite…¬†

I hope you like them Kristen!! I know it was a little tricky to get these shots, but it was so fun being with you girls, and she is SO adorable!

<3 Sarah xx