Jenae’s Senior Photoshoot

This weekend I had the opportunity to take Jenae’s senior photos–and not only was it one of the most fun photoshoots i’ve ever been on, but the pictures turned out to be some of the best i’ve ever taken! Her Mum came along and acted as the PERFECT assistant! She scoped out cool places here in Mattawa, and brought along some really fun props to use, so I didn’t really have to plan or think about anything! Jenae was absolutely drop dead gorgeous too! A thin, blonde, all American beauty… with big green eyes and a really cute wardrobe! I mean, how could these pictures not turn out cute? Here are some of my favorite shots. We got a lot of locations and wardrobe changes squeezed in to what little time we had, because her mother is a little on the A.d.d side like me! (I LOVED working with her!) Here are some of my favorite shots, there were SO Many it was really hard to choose!

I found beautiful places right around the corner from me that I didn’t even know existed until this shoot! Mattawa is such a cool place to take photos, and Jenae really couldn’t have been a more perfect subject! Seriously, she could be a model! Hope you love the pics!

<3 Sarah