Honeyed Fig Salad with Goat Cheese, Raspberries and Pistachios

Yesterday I tried figs for the first time ever! I covered them in warm honey and served them with mascarpone and lemon, and they were pretty delicious… until I added rosemary, and kind of ruined the recipe–the little pieces were sharp!! (What was I thinking?)

Then today I thought I would make a salad with the same honeyed fig recipe that I made yesterday (minus the sharp rosemary strands), along with some raspberries, goat cheese, and pistachios! It was one of the most delicious salad’s i’ve ever had, and probably one of the prettiest dishes I have ever put together, but sadly my pictures don’t do it justice because I ran out of light at 5:30pm! Not only are the evenings changing super fast around here, but there’s also been a lot of smoke from forest fires here in Washington State! 🙁 It’s so sad to hear they’re still blazing!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a delicious, light, seasonal meal that’s healthy and super easy to make–this is it! I think it took me 15 minutes start to finish to put together–so i’ll definitely keep it around for times when i’m in a pinch! Usually at 5.30 pm i’m hustling to get dinner to my hungry kiddos, and a whole separate dinner on the table for me and my hubby when he walks in the door, but today I was just kind of twiddling my thumbs because dinner was TOO quick… which is probably why I spent more time trying to make it pretty than was necessary! My kids were snacking on raspberries in the background. {If I don’t give them to my three year old he ALWAYS finds a way to sneak them anyway!} He’s a genius-magician!

Here is the recipe for you!

for the raspberry vinaigrette follow the link HERE 
for the salad:
1/2 cup honey
8 figs
Romaine lettuce (or any lettuce you prefer)
bunch of watercress
1 punnet of raspberries
1/2 cup pistachios
Goat Cheese  (however much you like)

Make the raspberry Vinaigrette according to directions linked above.
In a saucepan warm the honey over medium heat. Halve the figs and dip them in the honey to coat

Heat a pan over medium heat and cook the figs for about 3 minutes on either side until they’re warmed through and slightly softened

Arrange the rest of the ingredients on a platter: the lettuce and watercress first, followed by the figs and raspberries, then the goat cheese and pistachios to top 

Drizzle with the home made raspberry vinaigrette

This dish really is the perfect transition to fall (which officially begins in just a few days time!) Can you believe it? I am getting really excited to start a whole new season worth of recipes, (back to where I started!) Until then, I better get learning flash photography because there is going to be no sunlight at dinner time soon. I embrace the coziness of dark autumn evenings, but I dislike the inconvenience of them!

I hope you guys are enjoying what’s left of your summer, and that you’ll check back for some awesome seasonal recipes ahead!
<3 Sarah