Georgie & Camas Columbia River Temple Wedding

Last week I did my first ever wedding photo shoot! In the past i’ve had a couple of people ask me if I would take pictures at their wedding, but i’ve had to say no, because I didn’t feel I was good enough. There’s just so much pressure to get them perfect and absolutely no room for error. It’s not as if I could go back and re-do them if the bride hated them or they turned out wrong, and just to make it extra intimidating, it’s often mid-day sun, which is the WORST lighting to shoot in, and BIG groups of people to arrange. Yikes!

This wedding was different though. I couldn’t say no, because the bride’s father is related to my husband, and told me he would help me out! He used to be a professional photographer, so we agreed that he would do the group shots, if I did the “girly” creative shots, so a lot of the pressure was off–and I thought it would be really fun!

I was SO so glad I agreed to do this wedding! I learned a lot from the bride’s Dad about wedding photography just by watching him arrange all the different groups of people, and by finding the perfect settings and how to deal with the awkward mid-day sun & shadows. Together I think we took some beautiful pictures! Georgie was absolutely stunning and her dress was perfect, so it was hard for the pictures NOT to be beautiful! So here are some of my favorite shots:

Formal family poses are fine, but fun ones are WAY Better! Love this one of the groom and his brothers and sisters…

Candid shots are always amazing too!  The bride and her friends I <3 detail pictures
her mum requested a twirly picture… so cute! I found a soft-overlay that was so perfect for this shot, and I LOVE this photo! And a cute lift! I know, a little cheesy, but I had to! It’s just so darn cute!! This photoshoot was so much fun, I have no idea why I was even apprehensive in the first place! I even said yes to my next wedding which is coming up in a couple of weeks!

Hope you like them!
<3 Sarah