Summer Sandwiches

The other day my husband came home from work and handed me this month’s issue of King Arthur Flour which had this amazing sandwich on the front cover, and asked me if I would make it for him. We have such different tastes that what usually looks delicious to him, looks like something I wouldn’t want to eat in a million years–but we both agreed that this sandwich looked AMAZING! So I was more than willing to make it for “him” ;-)

I was a tiny bit skeptical too though–strawberries with turkey isn’t exactly a ‘classic’ combination so I had no idea if it would work… but one bite instantly confirmed that it sooo did! With the addition of creamy avocado and fresh alfalfa sprouts (which we call ‘cress’ in England) I think this is fast becoming one of my new favorite sandwiches! So here’s how to make it, this is definitely a recipe I want to keep on hand, especially during this summer season.

Your favorite sandwich bread
Deli Turkey
avocado, sliced
strawberries, sliced
alfalfa sprouts/cress

Spread mayo on one slice of bread. Put turkey on top

Then avocado goes next… Followed by strawberries… And then top with cress…. And that’s all there is to it!
I had a CRAZY day today. I’m talking from 8.30am to 4.30pm in town… with two very small toddlers, running all kinds of errands from grocery shopping to hunting down party supplies, and by the time I got home the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner, and I LOVE cooking. That’s how tired I was. All I could manage was a sandwich. But in my defense, this is no ordinary sandwich.. it’s one of the best! So it all worked out! I will definitely be keeping this recipe close by for days like today! And for summer days in general.

Enjoy guys!
<3 Sarah