Gemma’s Nursery

Last year I started decorating my daughters nursery, but now she’s getting a little older (she’ll be two on saturday!) I thought i’d update her room a little bit and share a few pictures with you. My husband and I are renting the place we currently live in while we save up to build a house of our own here in Mattawa, so not only did I have to decorate on a really tight budget, but I didn’t want to impair the home in anyway, or even go through the hassle of painting (when I knew i’d just have to repaint it later). So I kept it basic, but I got pretty creative and did a lot of D.I.Y projects for her room, along with some custom art work and photography.

I made this photo room plaque for her door, you can get the tutorial here:

I found this dresser at an antiques store for super cheap and sanded, repainted and fitted it with some new glass pink knobs. Here it is before: 
And after:

I also sanded and repainted the hutch that came with it. I love the curvy details on it:

I made this hairband organizer out of an oatmeal container, you can get the tutorial here: 

The walls and carpet were pretty neutral, so I wanted to add some color to the walls… however, my custom art project turned out to be a little “bolder” than I was anticipating…

So I repainted the canvases a lighter pink, and added some cardboard butterflies to add a pop of that blue, and some shiny gold to add a classy, feminine touch. I think they look TONS better now: 

This wooden play kitchen was her christmas present last year, and I loved the colors in it so much that I thought it would make the perfect “inspiration piece.”

I got this bookshelf from the I know I said everything was either really cheap or DIY, but this was my one splurge. I just love it!

Her bed is a miss-match of a blanket her Grandma in England got her, and yo gabba gabba… I wanted something a little more “feminine” but she loves it, and insisted… I guess it is her room! So i’m good with that. 

I took all the photos myself to save money. I decorate with a lot of photos because they’re cute, personal and CHEAP! $5 frames: Hobby Lobby!

I made this magnet board for her too, to display more photos I love: 

Here’s her room completed: 

I know I don’t have a before picture of her room, but I do have a before picture of her closet… which was a DISASTER (we don’t have a garage so her closet was the place we stored everything).

Here it is before: 

And after:

After (again!) I changed the green bins in my sons room for the blue ones, and now both toy organizers match perfectly. OCD much? 

I had so much fun decorating her room, and it feels good to have it completed! (DIY projects are cheap, but they are time consuming!) Next up I am decorating my sons bedroom… it’s almost done, and I can’t wait to share it because it’s just as cute as this one… but in a boy kind of way. In his words: “It’s not cute, it’s awesome!” So watch this space for that.

Until then, I hope someone out there gets some inspiration they need to decorate a cheap cute nursery for their little girl!
Love, Sarah