Gemma’s 2nd Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party

This weekend was my little girls 2nd birthday! I have been planning her party for the last couple of weeks with the help of her big brother, Braden. He told me: “Gemma would like a princess Rapunzel party with pink balloons and a princess cake.” It’s so sweet how well he knows her, and how thoughtful he was too… but she was adamant that she got a Yo Gabba Gabba party instead. I even tried to talk her out of it, because my sons first birthday party was Yo Gabba Gabba themed too!!

So I asked her what she would like for her birthday, and she said: “Um. A foofa cake.” That’s all she asked for, so of course, I couldn’t disappoint! I decided to make my first ever fondant figure for her cake, and I think it turned out okay considering it was a learning process! Anyway, here’s a few pictures of the cake, and the pool party we threw her on saturday–she had an absolute BLAST, was completely spoilt, and… she’ll never remember any of it! But, hopefully she’ll look back at these pictures one day and know how much we love her. [And not hold me to any kind of standard, because I never want to make another birthday cake ever again!]

Here’s foofa. I made her out of store-brought gum paste. It was expensive, and she lost a LOT of color as I left her to dry. Next time i’ll definitely use my fondant recipe: right here. (If there IS a next time, that is!)

I made a big batch of marshmallow fondant. Covered the cake in it, then used the rest for the flowers and letters, which were so quick and simple…
The other figurines were plastic… it took me an hour or more just to figure out foofa!
Here’s the birthday girl about to blow out the candle…
I decided to make Gabba cupcakes too… my brilliant husband designed the cupcake toppers on the computer! (For a small price of a back rub). When I went to pick up supplies at the party store they had NOTHING yo gabba gabba themed, so we had to do everything DIY! So, just a heads up for momma’s who want to throw a gabba party… buy early online. I got tons of brightly colored balloons since I didn’t have a whole lot else to decorate with, but because it was SO HOT outside, a lot of them popped and wilted before the party even started! 🙁  
My friend Heather made some tissue paper pom poms for me, with all the beautiful bright gabba colors! They were trying to blow away, so I weighed them down with the party favors… Here are a few goody bags I made for the kiddos… full of candy, bubbles, play-dough, the usual fun stuff! the labels were done by my hubby too… I should put a file up so people can download them! Oh, he also designed these DJ lance rock stereos! We put them on the front of animal crackers… an idea I stole from pinterest! 😉 We served dazzle berry lemonade… the printer was having issues with pink, but my hubby made this design from scratch, and I love it!!  Here’s another idea I stole from pinterest… a Brobee watermelon! My hubby designed him too… he’s amazing!! I am so grateful, because it wouldn’t have been a yo gabba gabba party AT ALL without him! Here’s me and my birthday girl!! My brother in law Dex got out the cotton candy machine, so we served fluffy pink candy floss… I mean, how perfect is that for a foofa party?! I owe him for that. Here’s some of my fave. pics from the day…. she insisted on swinging, even though she barely fit in the swing with her huge dress. It was cute, but NOT practical, at all. Opening presents… Giving big hugs and thanks to her friends and family for spoiling her… She got so many amazing presents….
We went swimming, played on the trampoline, had pizza and cake! I think the party was a success! I’m just really grateful to everyone who helped me! My mother in law let me use her pool… my hubby designed all the cool Gabba stuff, my friend Heather and sister in law Jessica helped me decorate, and my friend Suzannah cooked the pizza and helped a lot too. The party wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome without all their help!

I already have Gemma’s 3rd birthday planned!! It involves a trip to the zoo, and going out for cake and ice cream! Seriously!

I hope someone out there gets some good ideas from this!  And I hope my kids know how much I LOVE them!!

<3 Sarah

P.S As requested, here is a link so that you can download the files to make the Yo Gabba Gabba cupcake toppers, Brobee watermelon, dazzleberry lemonade, and DJ Lance Boombox! Hope this takes some of the work out of throwing the party! And hope it’s blast!

Download .AI file

Download .PDF file