Gemma’s 2nd Birthday Photoshoot

This weekend was my daughter’s 2nd birthday! I tried her birthday dress on her the night before, and she looked so beautiful in it, I just had to take her outside and snap a few pics  (in the orchard surrounding our home). I know I just did a photoshoot of her recently, so I almost didn’t post these–but they were just too CUTE to pass up. Next up, I REALLY have to get a photoshoot of my adorable 3 year old, it’s been a while! Anyway, I am in love with these… some of my fave. shots ever, and they were so fun to take!


Her Daddy taught her to smile for the camera like this… and to make it even “prettier” she has apple in her teeth! Her little bare toes I have so many things to post I can’t keep up! But I really can’t wait to share more pics from her yo gabba gabba themed 2nd birthday party! I love my birthday girl! Hope you like looking through these pics!

<3 Sarah