Baby Daxton’s Photoshoot

3 weeks ago, my little nephew Daxton was born–and last night I finally got the opportunity to do his newborn photoshoot! This was the first photoshoot i’ve taken where I’ve given a lot of thought as to which props to use… and I think they help tell the story about Daxton and his family and background a little bit. He is such a SWEET little guy. I kept giggling as I was taking these pictures because he just looked so darn sweet in all of them! It was also great taking a couple of family photos for my brother and sister in law too…. she is 5 lbs lighter than she was before getting pregnant (3 weeks after having him!) That’s pretty amazing, and i’m totally jealous. So here are a few of my fave’s…

We had to do pics in this John Deere Truck… his family are all farmers, and his Dad used to drive tractors for a living! The “natural” pictures always turn out best! Here they were trying to comfort him… And his foot just hanging out while his mummy fed him was too cute not to capture <3 this Ha! Usually Damon is pulling the faces… but Jessica and Daxton are the ones being silly in this one! I love it. I love baby pictures in Daddy’s arms There it is! Damon was a football player in college, so these shots are too perfect! Hehe!! He’s SOO cute!!! Maybe i’m a biased aunty…. but I love all these pictures!

Hope you love them too guys!
<3 Sarah