Taras bridals

Last week I did my first ever Bridal Photoshoot, for my friend Tara. We planned to do them on saturday night–but the wind was SO crazy we had to postpone them t’ill sunday. Sunday was an absolutely PERFECT day in every way, until about an hour before the shoot, when it got super windy and overcast. I was tempted to postpone the shoot again… but with her wedding only a few days away, we just had to get them done! The wind actually ended up working a little in my favor though–as it blew her dress out and made it look really pretty, and her hair had a romantic ‘windswept look’. The overcast sun did NOT work well in my favor however, as it went away way too fast, and gave us only 45 minutes to do the entire shoot. I didn’t get to take half the pictures I wanted to at the mansion we were at, and we didn’t even make it to the sunflower field!

On the plus side, we picked the perfect place to start the shoot–so we did get some really beautiful pictures! The lighting was perfect for a while–and shooting into the sun as it was going down gave the perfect sun-flared, romantic look I was going for. I also LOVE that Tara wore her cowboy boots under her wedding dress. She’s a country girl, so i’m happy I was able to capture a little of who she IS, as well as her beauty! I had such a blast doing my first ever bridals, and I definitely can’t wait to do more in the future!!

Thanks to Tara for picking out the perfect place to take the pics, and for being so fun and photogenic! Your wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS, and it was fun to be a part of it.

<3 Sarah