Kristens Special Delivery Photoshoot

This weekend we had a family reunion up here in Mattawa, and since it was the last time I would see my sister in law Kristen for a while, she asked if I would take her maternity pictures. It’s always a “fun” experience taking pictures for family. The girls tend to be SUPER great, comfortable, co-operative, and extremely photogenic… whereas the boys don’t want to behave or co-operate for two seconds! I could have dedicated a whole Blog post to my brother in law Alex and his REALLY crazy poses…. but i’ll spare you, since most were highly inappropriate! [i'm just playing]. Kind of.

But despite Al being… Al! (I love him really!) The photoshoot couldn’t have gone any better! Kristen is one of the most beautiful pregnant girls I have ever seen, and she is so tiny for how far along she is too (due in September!) I absolutely love these pictures, and I cannot wait to take some newborn photos of her sweet little girl when she arrives too! So, here are a few of my fave. shots from their fun photoshoot….

I had to add this one… see what I mean? I think I have 50 more just as crazy as this one… but I like it, because it shows “personality!” And Al made up for the craziness with some sweet moments! Those two are so in love! And cute!
This is one of my favorite shots… the leaf fell down and added just the right touch of green to make her earrings, eyes and belt “pop” I can’t get enough of orchard pics! <3 Seriously… could she get any prettier?!? Right at the end of the shoot, I had an idea come into my head to take some pics next to some crates stamped with “special delivery!” I feel pretty darn creative and proud of myself… But I can’t give myself any credit, because it was my amazing husband Dean who photoshopped the stamp on there… he’s amazing! Thanks Kristen for being the perfect model! We probably spent WAY too long on the photoshoot, but I was having SUCH a blast, I didn’t realize how much time had passed! And Al, despite how much hassle I give you, you were a great sport too!

Hope you like your pics!
<3 Sarah xoxo