Gourmet Egg and Watercress Sandwich with Prosciutto

My husband went to a business meeting during dinner time tonight, so since it was just me and the kiddos I thought i’d whip up something simple, and have “Tea Time” instead. For a lot of English people tea time probably involves actual tea…but since my family didn’t drink tea, “tea time” was basically just a more exciting way of telling us we were having sandwiches for dinner! We always loved this though, because along with the sandwiches came biscuits (cookies) or cake after!

I decided to make a popular English tea time classic: egg and cress sandwiches, but with a gourmet twist. I substituted the sprout-like cress, for a fuller, prettier watercress, and then added some dijon to the mayo along with some celery and freshly ground salt and pepper, to keep it simple. In England, another classic pairing with egg is bacon, so I thought i’d add a little prosciutto, and then a fried tomato…. just because it was staring up at me from my fridge.

I love egg sandwiches, but this was by far the best one I have ever had, and it looked pretty too!
I think we need to have “tea time” more often… except, now I feel compelled to make a cake… and I really don’t feel like eating cake after all of this! Maybe that’s why sarnies in England are so small and dainty!

Anyway, here is the recipe… it’s not exact, because I was just kind of tasting and adding (and not measuring anything!) But just go with it. It will turn out great!

Ingredients: (for 2 sandwiches)
4 eggs
2 Tbsp mayo
1 Tbsp dijon
1/2 stick celery, chopped fine
Olive oil
bunch of watercress
1 slice prosciutto
1 tomato, sliced
salt and pepper
2 sandwich rolls (I used ciabatta)

Hard boil the eggs in boiling water. When they’re done, peel them and add them to a bowl along with the chopped celery, dijon and mayo. Crush the eggs with a fork as you stir, then season with salt and pepper according to taste.

Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan. Add the tomatoes, season with salt and pepper, and cook for 2-3 minutes per side
Spread half the egg mixture on half the roll
top with small slices of prosciutto and a slice or two of fried tomato  Then add the watercress
Adding watercress to anything just makes it look cool. Anything food-related, that is.
I served the sandwich with “chips.” Now it’s Americanized, can I still call it  a “Tea Time” recipe?
I guess a big American sandwich with chips on the side, and no room for scones or cake for dessert kind of beats the whole idea of a quaint English Tea Time (With NO TEA!) But it’s still a delicious, English-inspired sandwich… so we’ll just go with it.

This recipe would also be perfect for a summertime picnic!

So I hope you like it, and I hope you’re all making the most of summer!
<3 Sarah