Oatmeal Container Hairband Organizer

This week I made it my mission to completely organize and decorate my daughter’s room–and one thing she was really in need of, was a way to organize all of her hairbands and hair slides that took up an entire drawer in her dresser! I was kind of sick of rummaging every day when I did her hair–yet, I was kind of lost for a good solution–so of course, I turned to pinterest!! Is there any other place that’s better for creative ideas like this? Someone had come up with the ingenious idea of turning a cylindrical oatmeal container into a hairband organizer–not only is it the perfect size and shape to hold hair slides, but it’s hollow, so you can put all those smaller hair clips inside! GENIUS! This is definitely my kind of craft. CUTE, inexpensive (it took $2 to make!!) And it was so quick & easy…. 10 minutes start to finish. So if you’re looking for a way to organize hair slides too–this seriously is the perfect way to do it!!

Here’s what you need:
1 large cylindrical oatmeal container
2 (12×12) sheets of scrap book paper (same color/pattern)
Glue/Tape runner

I never have handy stuff like this just lying around, but I eat oatmeal every day, so I happened to have the exact canister I needed on hand! Score!! Directions: Remove the lid from the oatmeal container, line up the paper at the top, and trim all the way around the bottom so it’s the right length (preferably with a paper cutter, so it’s really straight). Glue both papers in place all the way around Then glue ribbon around the top and bottom rims of the container Then cover the lid with more paper, and you’re done!
To display hair clips, put a band around the tube, and just clip them on! Then put hairbands, or jewelry or any other loose ends inside the container! This is the cutest way to organize hairbands that I have ever seen, so I can’t believe how cheap and simple it really was too!! I just have a couple more little projects before my little girls room is finally completely DONE, and I can’t wait to share pictures when it is!

Until then, I hope you have fun making these!
<3 Sarah