Jessica’s Baby Shower

My sister in law is due to have her first baby next month, so last night we threw her a jungle themed shower for her baby BOY! I was in charge of cupcakes, but since i’ve had such a crazy week, I thought i’d keep them SUPER simple!

These are the monkey cupcakes. I used small & large sized nilla wafers, white chocolate chips and black gel pen for the eyes, and different color lemon heads for the noses. (P.S. I know monkeys don’t have noses like this, but they are more cartoony, and baby-like!)
I tried a few different smiles, but the smirk was the cutest! This is my son Braden’s cupcake… it didn’t make it to the shower, not because it’s freaky looking, but mostly because it was half eaten… The purple nose was cute!
P.S. I used pre-made frosting for the first time ever! My sister in law, Heidi will be so disappointed in me! But, it was worth it because they were SO quick & easy!  Here are the lion cupcakes: I dyed the fondant yellow and cut circles for the lions faces and ears, then put some orange in the fondant and cut out flower shapes for the lions manes. The noses are also lemon heads and the faces are done with a black gel pen These lion cupcakes were SO simple, and I think they turned out so stinkin’ cute!! That’s what I love about making cupcakes for baby showers though… the simpler the better!! This is the color scheme we went with. Kristen was in charge of decorating. She always does an amazing job! For the Favours: my mother in law hand-made some lotion that smelt like baby powder, and my husband made these super cute labels! He even drew the lion on the computer free-hand! He gets BIG points, because I wouldn’t have been able to do that!

The table all decorated The cupcake tower & some cute green and blue jungle themed balloons to go on the guest of honors chair For the games and prizes:  I found these adorable jungle themed boxes at hobby lobby & we put a green and blue soap and some lotion in each. (My mother in law really does make the BEST lotion ever) so people were excited to actually play and win the games! My mother in law also made this CUTE centerpiece! A lion and a monkey on a motorbike diaper cake… seriously! How awesome is that?! P.S> just for peace of mind for my inlaws (who all own motorbikes and have some very strong feelings on the issue) we decided the lion was a girl… so no awkwardness. My sister in law Kristen also made a jungle-themed diaper cake, and covered it with toys and shoes and all kinds of cute stuff! She’s so talented. I’m pretty sure I could never make either one of these… After all that planning and work, I think the shower was a huge success! The games were SO fun & Jessica got some really great presents from her awesome friends and family
Here are the three of us sister in laws! They make such cute pregnant ladies! And here’s a group shot of all our awesome friends and family that came!! I was so surprised at how well everything came together, and how many people showed up! It made for a really fun night, and now Jessica is totally set to have baby Daxtin! I can’t wait to meet him!

<3 Sarah