Hart’s Family Photos

This weekend I had the opportunity to take some family photos for my good friend, Heather. I wanted to take some pictures by the orchard, but her baby, Liam was asleep when they got to my place, so they asked if we could just do the other location I had in mind first. I wanted to go down by the river by some cool black rocks, but when we got there, the rocks were sharp and ugly and the sun was still pretty high in the sky… so we decided to drive down a little dirt road and see what setting we could find there instead.

The road was narrow and really bumpy and full of tumbleweeds… the kind of road that you’d only be wanting to drive a pick up (or off-roading vehicle) down… but here we all were in a cute little family car, bumping along down this strange path in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where in the heck we would end up.

Luckily for me, Trents car survived, and at the end of the path were some beautiful settings for pictures, so the crazy drive ended up being well worth it! I had wanted to do pictures in long grass for quite some time now, so I was excited to finally get the chance, and then there was a cool tree and a beautiful pathway too. Not only was the setting gorgeous, but Heather’s little family was too! I loved the colors she chose to wear–because the bright oranges really made them pop against the green and golden backgrounds! Her family is so sweet. I think that came across in the photos too. Here are a few of my fave’s!

This place ended up being perfect! Thanks Trent and Heather for being such good sports and so willing to go exploring with me!! It was fun! Hope you love them!
<3 Sarah