Gemma’s Little Girl Photoshoot

Photos have become a big part of my life over the past few months. Not only do I practice food photography on a daily basis as I document my favorite recipes, but I have also had the opportunity to take engagement pictures, family photos, new born pics, and maternity photos for family, friends and people here in Mattawa–and I have loved every minute!

Then the other day I realized something ironic. I started learning photography so I could take beautiful pictures of my kids, and yet since I have been so busy as a photographer, I haven’t taken any good pictures of them in months! I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but having cute pictures of my family is important to me because I use them for so many different things! I love to give them away as gifts to grandparents and great grandparents who live far away and we never get to see (my Dad still hasn’t met my daughter!) I love to scrap-book them in digital photo books for memories, I love to share them on FB so that my friends and family, who all live in England, get to watch them grow up (even if it is from afar) and I LOVE to decorate my house with cute family photos!

The other day as I was looking round my daughter’s room, I noticed that she looked like a baby in all her pictures–and now she’s almost 2, she’s turning into a sweet little girl SO fast (scary fast!) So she definitely needed some updated pics. We had a blast getting ready for her photoshoot! I blow dried her hair, and painted her nails, and dressed her in this cute frilly romper and headband, with a pearly necklace that was once owned by her great, great grandmother! And it just re-confirmed to me how AWESOME it is to have a little girl! And not just any little girl…. the prettiest one I have ever seen! So here are a few of my favorite shots:

Gemma trying to blow a dandelion…. A fave: I love her messy/ naturally curly hair Her cute painted nails! <3 Her big bro. Braden wanted some pictures too….
His photoshoot is coming next, and it looks like he’ll be quite the co-operative subject! 

I forgot how much I love to take pictures of my original little subjects! P.S. If anyone needs pictures of their sweet kiddos, i’d be happy to take some! They’re so important, because they change SO fast!!

<3 Sarah