Drew & Lindsay Family Photoshoot by the River

This weekend my friend Lindsey and her husband (who’s my husband’s cousin) asked if I would take some family photos for them. It’s something we’ve been talking about doing for a while now–and on the day we finally got around to doing it, it was SO windy, that we had to cancel at the last minute. Then the next day, everything just seemed to fall into place so perfectly! The sun came out 20 minutes before the photoshoot. We found a place about 20 minutes away that was just beautiful at every turn–long grasses, rugged water line, rocks, flowers, and a cool bridge. Not only was the sun and setting perfect, but Drew, Lindsey and their two cute kiddos couldn’t have been a more photogenic family! Their kids were SO happy and giggly, and I was able to capture some really sweet moments! This was a REALLY fun photoshoot!

We started out at the orchard by my house, just because it creates perfect pictures every time! I love these….
I don’t think I have ever seen a baby with eyes this blue! He’s so adorable! Perfect sunlight! I didn’t tell Darcy to kiss her little bro, these are just some of the sweet moments I was able to capture! SO sweet. Darcy was a perfect little subject! Every picture I took of her was holy smokes, cute! And this adorable shot was ALL their idea! I love it. This one might be my favorite! <3 I was taking pics of the boys and behind me, I almost missed this!…
I love “natural” shots like this! Another fave! The romantic evening lighting was too perfect not to get in a couple of couple shots! ;-) So cute guys! And that cool bridge in the background! Such a cool spot! Thanks Drew and Lindsay for such a fun photoshoot! Really, it couldn’t have gone any better!
<3 Sarah