Cute Easter Burlap Wreath

A little while ago I saw the cutest Easter Burlap wreath on pinterest, and decided I wanted to have a go at making one too. It looked really simple and fun–and since i’m in the process of re-designing my Blog right now in my evenings–that’s exactly what I needed! I haven’t decorated a whole lot for Easter, but I can handle a quick, easy & cute easter craft!

So I called my crafting buddies Heather and Karalee- who both decided to go out of town! I didn’t realize how much I needed my crafty friend Karalee to help show me how to make things, until she wasn’t around, and then I had to turn to my husband for help instead! This is pretty sad–but funny, so i’m going to share it! My husband must have shown me how to loop the burlap through the wire about 20 times until I finally got it–and by then he had made half the wreath for me! There was just something about his big manly hands daintily weaving the burlap ribbon that was just not right. But if it wasn’t for him, I would NOT have been able to make this from the tutorial I followed, so I decided to make one of my own.  Hopefully I can explain it well enough for you to make one too.

Here are the supplies you need to get started. I should have put them on a surface that wasn’t black so you can actually see! I picked these things up from craft warehouse:
-1 burlap ribbon, (10 yards)
-a three tiered wire wreath form
-some decoration(s) like an Easter nest
-and 2 more yards of fabric (I used a lighter burlap)

Starting with the bottom tier, make a loop then hold it in place. Thread the burlap through the second tier, make a loop the same size, then hold it in place with the other one. Then thread it through the third and final tier, make another loop, then hold it in place with the other ones. It should look like this: Then you’re going to start from the bottom again and repeat, until you have looped the burlap all the way around…. When you’re done, go back and puff the loops out a little to give it a slightly fuller look. 

The lady in the tutorial said she used one roll to cover the entire wreath. I unpicked my wreath and re-looped it 5 times, and every single time, it came up too short!! If the roll of burlap didn’t cost $15, I would have just brought more… but instead I had to get creative!

I had two yards of white burlap lying around, so I did the same looping technique to finish off the last little bit, and then hot glued the nest over it. 
I think it actually worked out better with two-tones of burlap! I hope this tutorial will help you to be able to make a cute Easter wreath in time for the holiday… or that you at least have some good friends or man hands around to help you make it!

<3 Sarah