Lightning McQueen Party & Cake

My little guy turns three on Valentines day, so I thought I would throw him a little party this weekend. Last year his party was a LOT of work…. I invited a lot of people, put a dinner together for the kids with fun party food, and made a separate dinner for the adults. I decorated a ton, I made a three layer fondant cake, which kept me up t’ill 3 a.m. and it was just all so much WORK that I was actually pretty daunted to throw him another. Then I decided, I don’t need to do all of that. Cake and ice cream, and a few decorations would be just fine! [and then I didn't dare look at pinterest- knowing other mums out there would put me to shame!]

So a week and a half ago I ordered his decorations online, and paid to get them within 3-5 business days… and on friday, (a day before the party) there’s no sign of them! Well, it’s already 6pm and I live 50 miles from the stores, so I was pretty mad that Braden’s party was completely ruined. There were no decorations, balloons, plates, the piñata, goody bags, or anything! Shoot. Then I realized…. I have a really AWESOME sister in law who lives in tricities, so I called her, and she actually ended up getting all the stuff I needed that morning, and brought it over 20 minutes before the party started! [Phew! I am SO grateful she saved me!!!!!] It was thrown together pretty last minute, but at least there was a party!
I also made my first ever 3-D fondant cake. I was pretty scared actually because I have seen the professionals carve them on shows like cake boss, and I just sit there and think: ‘I could never do that!’ But I didn’t want to make another tiered cake, and I thought Braden would LOVE a cake shaped like a car. So I had a go. Here’s how it turned out:
He must have thought it looked pretty yummy because the next thing I knew, his teeth were in it:
Here is the cake, minus a headlight!

I carved it too flat…. but honestly, I wasn’t that worried! I had been running around for 18 hours by then, and was too tired to be a perfectionist! I thought, ‘if Braden can tell it’s lightning mcQueen, i’m happy!’

I used tin foil to cover two edges of the board, and then black fondant squares to make a checker-board. I also used my Marshmallow fondant recipe to cover the car. I made a huge batch, and then dyed it red, yellow, white, grey and black. I traced some of the details from my computer screen onto parchment paper, and then traced it onto the fondant…. I also used a knife to carve a few lines and details and did a few things free-hand. It was a lot simpler than a tiered cake, because I didn’t have to think about weight and stacking…. but the carving was much harder than it even looked on cake boss!! I had NO idea what I was doing!

I also made cupcakes (because the cake was enough to feed the kids, but not all the adults too). My hubby did the graphics… and I had his brothers cut the “circles” out while I decorated.P.S. This piping just proves that NOTHING about Braden’s party went according to plan. If there’s one thing I can do, it’s pipe a pretty cupcake, but they all started melting and drooping…. 

I’m just glad it’s done!
Here’s me and my little guy. It was all worth it because he had an AWESOME day!! I’m just glad birthdays come around once a year!!!!!


<3 Sarah