Cute Photo Door Plaques

Last night I invented my VERY OWN CRAFT! This is big for me, because I usually only ever copy, or re-work something that somebody has already created. I got the idea from a tutorial I found on how to transfer photos to wood, and thought: ‘I am going to make little plaques for my babies doors!’ I went to Hobby Lobby in search of a 5X7 piece of wood that was the same size as a standard photo print, but all they had were 5×8′s so I just went with it, and then I realized- that was FAR better anyway, because it gave me space underneath to write their names and add some colour with some cute paper.

The photo plaques were SO SIMPLE, So cheap to make, took virtually no time at all, and turned out SO cute, which is pretty much the perfect combination for any D.I.Y project- so I thought i’d give you all a quick tutorial in case you wanted to make one too.

First you need to get a 5×7 print, a 5X8 piece of wood, some scrap book paper, ribbon, mode podge, letters and a glue gun.

First, cover the surface of your board/wood with glue and stick your photo down
Cover your photo with a coat of more modge podge (for my English friends, mode podge is just a type of glue that dries clear-I think PVA will work!) Then cut a strip of paper and adhere it underneath the photo. It can be cute scrap book paper or plain white paper or card…. Then more glue on top!… Once this has dried, you can put a name on the plaque if you like. I used miscellaneous stickers I had lying around. You can paint the name…. Even permanent markers would work if you have cute handwriting…. then ANOTHER coat of modge podge just to seal it.Next you want to adhere some ribbon or string on the plaque so you can hang it. This is optional by the way. You could get some velcro/double sided tape & stick it on the door like that. You could even drill 2 small little holes in the wood to tie it super securely. Or you could just take the super quick & easy route and hot glue some ribbon on it! Then hang it! How cute is that??!I also made one for my son, Braden. His room is transport-themed (tractors, trains, cars)… so his plaque has a picture of him on a tractor

look how happy and cute he is, totally in his element I put 3-d letters on his, and I think I liked it better! So there’s another idea for you. I also like the greys and metals… I was trying to make his more boyish. I’m such a girly-girl that that’s sometimes hard for me to do–but I even knotted his ribbon [rather than tying it into a pretty bow]. That was hard.

They love having their pictures hanging on their bedroom doors. It would be cute, if you had multiple kids in one room, to take photos of all the kids sharing and put it on their door. Maybe even a cute heart shaped one with a couples photo… I could probably sit here and brainstorm all day! But i’m off to create some more awesome things!

Happy crafting ladies!
Love, Sarah

P.S. As I wrote “ladies” just now, it just reminded me of Braden’s cute quote of the day…. his little sister had put a hat on, so I said: “ahh, look at the cute lady!” And he said: “Mum, that’s not a lady! That’s Gemma!” Too cute.