Baby Liams Pictures

My really good friend Heather asked if I would take some maternity pictures for her a few months ago- but then she went into labour a little earlier than expected, and I never got around to doing them. I felt really bad that she never got any, so to make it up to her, I asked if I could do some newborn pictures of Liam. This was also my way of thanking her for being such a great friend and helping me out when I had my last baby, by bringing meals and babysitting! She’s really been a life-saver. I have been SO crazy busy lately- but Liam’s already six weeks old, so I had to find a moment to do them ASAP. He was such a little angel. Calm and alert- and seriously CUTE!

He has the cutest little “sad face” and i’m so glad I captured it!!
Being held by his momma… I don’t usually add text, because it’s a little scrap-booky, but I couldn’t resist this quote.He’s holding his head up SO well! 
I had so much fun taking his pictures! There’s just something about a baby’s beautiful big bright eyes that always makes for really cute pictures! Hope you like them Heather!

<3 Sarah