Snow Photos

Yesterday it started snowing, and my kiddos were so excited to go outside to play in it- except I couldn’t take them, because I had the stomach flu so bad, I could barely walk around! (It kicked my butt). And it was so depressing to watch our only good snowfall of the season go to waste, and for my babes to not get the chance to have some fun in it.

So when I woke up this morning feeling a lot better, and saw the snow falling outside still, the first thing I did was wrap my babies up in every piece of warm clothing I could find, and take them outside to play! I thought I would post a few edits on the Blog, since it’s been all recipes on here lately! P.S. I know some of the pictures are the same, but I couldn’t decide what edits I liked best, so I just posted all of them!

Braden, almost 3. He was having such a blast throwing it around. Such a boy. He was making his little sister laugh… Gemma, almost 18 months. She pretty much just stood there and watched her brotherYep, still in the same spot…. She would only walk around if I held both her hands… otherwise she didn’t really love it that much… Braden however, was not afraid to jump and roll around in it 

I am so glad I got better in time! I love the snow! Hope you’re all having a fun winter.

Love, Sarah