New Year’s Resolution and New Tab

I thought I would exempt myself from new year’s resolutions this year since I’m already learning how to cook and bake, and improve my photography and art- but there’s just something about post-christmas that makes me want to completely purge my house, re-organize it, re-decorate it, and make it feel fresh and clean and beautiful! So I decided to make this my new year’s resolution.

This week I am working on purging my house of everything we don’t need. This will be really challenging since my husband doesn’t like to get rid of things. He’s not a hoarder or anything like that, but he likes to store things “in case we need it one day!” I say, if we haven’t used it in the last year- it’s gone. I just won’t tell him… except that won’t work, because he reads this Blog!… Now i’m in trouble!

I started in my kitchen, and went through my cookbook cupboard. It was so crammed full that I found cookbooks I didn’t even know I had! My cooking style has changed a lot over the past three months, so I got rid of all my campbell’s, fast easy meal recipe books, and kept the ones I actually use on a regular basis. I have a recipe box of index cards, so if there was a recipe I liked in a magazine, I could copy it down, or if there were one or two recipes I liked out of an entire book, I would write them down on the card, then get rid of the book. I also have a little pile of manuals for all of my kitchen appliances and gadgets… I’ll get my husband to read those, so he can explain to me how things work…

My next project was my spice cupboard…

Next time, i’ll have to post “before” photos, so these after photos are more impressive! The other day I was cooking with my sister in law Jessica (a bolognese which called for about 10 different kinds of spices) and I was really frazzled because I couldn’t find any of them! She told me she was going to buy me a spice rack for my birthday! The cupboard was just jammed packed with bottles, and I could find every type of spice, but the one I needed. You might know how it goes!

So I went through and organized my spice drawer. This is something I can’t take credit for- because it was totally my mother in laws idea! (She is a home-organizing extraordinaire!) But I thought I would post it in case any of you are wondering how to organize a spice cupboard in a really efficient user-friendly way! Each spice is labeled alphabetically, so no more frazzled chef Sarah!

This is another idea that I stole from my mother in law, and I have seen lots of chefs from the food network do this too! Arranging your cooking oils in squeeze bottles just makes them easier to use, and they store nicer too.
I also arranged every kitchen cupboard according to use (this is my blending & food processing cupboard) the little parts are kept in a labeled box, and the sharp stuff is kept up really high so my babes can’t get into it… which they will, because they’re obsessed with my kitchen “toys”Also, I just have to share my funny Braden story. As I was re-arranging my kitchen yesterday, things got pretty messy! I had my pots and pans and platters and baking trays sprawled everywhere, and then ran off to do something…. and when my two year old Braden, woke from his nap, he walked into the kitchen, saw my cat Buddy sitting there amongst all the mayhem and yelled: “KITTEN! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” He comes out with a lot of good ones, but that one is my new favourite. Then when my hubby came home from work, I asked Braden to tell him what he saw today, and he said: “Kitten opened up the cupboards and took everything out, and made a HUGE MESS!” Oh kids are so CUTE, and fun… and pretty darn entertaining!

Anyway, my goal for this week is to de-clutter every single room in my house! With or without my husband’s consent! ;-) Hopefully I will be able to post a few good ideas as I go-but I am also taking them! So if any of you have great storage solution ideas, please let me know. Organizing is NOT my forte, but I have to do it, or I feel I will burst along with my house!

P.S. Feel free to de-clutter along with me! I mean, not literally in my house, but in yours! It’s actually pretty therapeutic!

Love, Sarah