Gourmet Grilled Cheese

I think my new pinterest addiction is getting to me! The other day I was making a peanut butter sandwich for my babies for lunch, and before I knew it, I had served them this:
You can see it on Gemma’s face: “are you feeling alright mum?”

Then today at lunch my husband and I were talking about pinterest & how it was a waste of time, so I decided to show him what it was all about! I found this grilled cheese recipe on it and it looked so good, I had to try it!

Here’s how to make it:

Layer of spicy pepperoni
Thick slices of avocado and fresh, grated mozarella cheese Then I topped it with habenero seasoning (which is optional!!) My husband has weird man taste buds, and only likes things that have a little heat… which is weird, because I never know how the things I cook actually taste….
Butter the outsides of the bread, and grill over MEDIUM heat. The heat of the pan is really important in making a grilled cheese I find, because if it’s too high- you’ll burn it, and the cheese won’t have time to melt enough, and if it’s too low- it doesn’t crisp on the outside enough
Check after 2-4 minutes that it’s golden underneath, then flip it. This is my new favorite “flipper” (It’s late, I can’t even think of it’s proper name, but I do love it… whatever it is). He absolutely loved this!! Honestly, I can’t even tell you if it’s good, because i’m a sissy when it comes to heat– but after eating this, he definitely had to eat his words about pinterest! I showed him my food board, and he spotted some raspberry soufflés on it too– and now I guess I know what i’m making him for valentines day!

I also made a different kind of grilled cheese according to what I liked, and it was like heaven, so I thought i’d share. This is the ‘girl’ version, which uses turkey instead of pepperoni, and has some tomatoes added in there too. P.S. What is it with guys and tomatoes? Why the hate??!

I put salt and pepper on the tomatoes, because they absorb the flavors so well… I know I slice my avocados strangely… but just go with it…. MEDIUM heat… mmmm…. I know mine doesn’t look as impressive as his, but it tasted better than it looked. Perfect in every way.

I’m starting to feel like a custom-order restaurant at meal times lately. Which in turn, makes me feel like my mother, who used to say: “I’m not a custom order restaurant!” I found myself making a pepperoni grilled cheese for the hubby, a turkey grilled cheese for me, a kraft single grilled cheese for Braden with tomatoes on the side, and a turkey sandwich for Gemma with avocado on the side, which is probably just crazy, but I love to make them happy!

Anyone else want to come over for lunch?

Love, Sarah