Classic English Trifle

I just realized something kind of crazy… I have been living in the United States for 9 years today!!!! I came out here when I was 18 and was only supposed to be here for 5 months (I wanted to see what BYU was all about for a semester) and I ended up LOVING it, getting my degree, meeting the love of my life, having two beautiful half American, half English babies, and nine years later I feel really blessed to still be here. I miss England like CRAZY, (most of all my friends and family), but i’m starting to learn how to cook and bake some really delicious, traditional English foods that make me feel a little closer to home.

By the way, I can’t believe I have lived in the States for nine years, and have never made an English trifle until today!! I don’t know what I was thinking… they’re so delicious, so easy to make, and you really don’t get much more traditional English than this! I should have been making it for all my American friends and family long ago!

Here is my recipe. I kept it as simple and traditional as I possibly could, but I didn’t use sherry (because the alcohol is not cooked out), and I didn’t use lady fingers/trifle sponges because they don’t sell them in the States.

1 box raspberry Jello
Fresh Raspberries or pound cake
English Custard
Whipped Cream

Make the jello according to the box directions. Put a few raspberries, or some pound cake, cut into little square pieces, in the bottom of your glass serving dish(es) and pour the jello on top. You want to fill a third of your glass dish. (A classic “tri”fle has three layers).

The first layer usually consists of jello with fruit (fresh or canned) or jello with trifle sponge, so I tried fresh raspberries and pound cake in the trifle to see which one was better, and in the end, I just couldn’t decide! They’re both just good!

The next layer is English custard. You could substitute this for vanilla pudding, but English custard is way better! What’s funny is that I remember my Dad teaching me how to make it from scratch when I was a teenager, and I thought it was silly- because all you had to do was add hot milk to birdseye… not knowing at the time that I would one day live in a place where they didn’t sell instant custard! (Whatever kind of place that is!) Anyway, I don’t remember what he taught me exactly… but I went online and found Jamie Oliver’s custard recipe, which was the best I have ever had! I even substituted the vanilla bean for regular vanilla essence, and it turned out amazing!

You want the same ratio of custard to jello (so another third of your dish)
It’s almost there. We’ll call it good. You want to let the custard set in the fridge for a couple more hours!! I know, I know- it’s a lot of “waiting” but it will be worth it! Plus, the third layer is as simple as it gets.

Whip up some heavy whipping cream! This is one of my cool new kitchen gadgets I got for Christmas, and i’m in love with it!
You pour the heavy cream in there, and it whips it up for you like magic! Why have I only just discovered this? Whipping cream and piping it is a pain in the butt!! This saved me so much time and effort! <3

The last layer should be as thick as the other two! The custard and cream are really the best parts!

top with hundreds and thousands (aka sprinkles) I only had red ones, but the multi-coloured ones are the best! or with more fresh berries… 

This trifle is so simple, classic and delicious! I think it tasted extra good to me, because it was a little piece of home (I made it the way my Mum would always make hers). Today was not only the first time I have ever made trifle, but the first time my little family have ever tried it- and since they loved it, I know I have to make lots more awesome varieties (So if anyone out there has some AMAZING trifle recipes, I want them!)

Until then, Happy Anniversary to me and America! I feel really blessed to live here, (even though England is cooler, let’s face it!) America has given me my beautiful family, my invaluable education, my amazing religion, opportunities, and really good food! So thanks.

I hope you are all having fun and living the good life wherever you are!

Love, Sarah