Winter Photos + New Lens

I have owned my DSLR camera for about three years now, but it was only in the past couple of months that I took it off “auto” and started using the aperture priority setting. [This basically means that when I turn my aperture all the way down manually, I can get a really cool blurry background that gives my photos a little more depth]. My photos improved a LOT, but not enough…. so I asked a professional photographer & friend of mine for some advice and she told me two things. The first was to get totally rad (which are some filter plug ins for photoshop) which took my pictures to a whole new level. And the second piece of great advice was “it’s all about the lens!” And holy smokes was she right!

I have been using the standard lens, that came with the camera ALL THIS TIME, wondering why I couldn’t create the cool blurry background, or achieve any kind of bokeh that other photographers could, and it was because my lens wouldn’t let me! It only let my f stop (the aperture number) go down to a 4/5, and this new lens lets it get down to a 1.8!!!! I know i’m probably not making much sense… but what i’m basically trying to say is: IT REALLY IS ALL ABOUT THE LENS! And, I wish I would have discovered this much sooner! But now I know, I probably won’t use my standard lens ever again! I love the 1.8 THAT much. Here are a few pictures i’ve taken with it outside of our home over the past few days:

Basically, you can take pictures of ANYTHING and they will look cool. So, if you are just starting to get into photography like me, and are wondering how to take your photos to a whole new level…. get a 1.8 lens for your camera! I got mine for around $100, and it has made my photos SO much better (I don’t feel as if I even need to edit them in PS anymore!) Now i’m excited to take some portrait photos with it, and also to try the 1.4 lens!

P.S. My fingers went numb taking these pictures, and I want to drink a hot chocolate just looking at them! I hope you’re all staying warm, and having a beautiful winter season!

Love, Sarah