Strawberry Santa Hats

I found the idea for these Strawberry Santa hats on pinterest a couple of weeks ago and thought they were so cute and looked so delicious. Then my husband went on a business trip to Spokane and text me a picture of the same santa hats, saying: “you should make these!” Then the next day I went over to my mother in laws house for dinner, and she was making them!!! (She found them on the food network!) So really, they’re everywhere here, but I don’t know if they’re everywhere in England yet- so I thought i’d post them up for my friends & fam across the pond! <3

All you need is:
Brownies (in a 9×13 pan so they’re thinner)

Make a pan of brownies, then use a small circle cutter to cut out your brownie bites.
Then make up some frosting. (I’m boring, and always use the recipe on the back of the icing sugar bag, because it comes out stiff enough for pretty piping, and tastes good!)
Pipe a circle of frosting around the brownie, then place your strawberry on top. P.S. Do not slice the stems off the strawberries because the juices will run into your frosting when you place them on top! Pick off the stems instead.

Then pipe a little “pom pom” on top to make it look like a hat!
I absolutely LOVE these!! They not only look super cute, but they’re sooooo delicious. I mean what’s not to love about strawberries and chocolate?! I think they’re going to be a tradition in my house every christmas…. I mean, I know steamed puddings and dried fruit desserts are traditional, but they’re hardly as delicious as these! So there you go guys! If they haven’t hit England yet- you’ll be a big hit at any Christmas party with these!!


Love Sarah